We have been willing to act in harmony with our inclinations. Hence the establishment of Vinzü and the start of a journey.

To meet little producers who give meaning to their job, to share their daily life,  their knowledge and to transmit this knowledge to those who, like us, city dwellers, living off the ground, can not wait to discover.


Vinzü wants to bring the light on those lives and these journey, dedicated to the cul of simplicity, of the natural and of the recovered taste.


We are concerned about the terrible loss of biodiversity that we are experiencing today and seek to put the preservation and restoration of our ecosystems at the heart of our concerns.

This is why Vinzü travels the south-west of France looking for these nuggets, to find those whom perpetuate a quality agriculture, organic, biodynamic, permaculture or at least in a sustainable way.


Our goal: help you to discover and taste healthy products that respect the earth and take care of you.


Patricia has long shared a taste for organic and authentic things.

Her quest for what is right, simple and essential builds the benchmarks and the guardians of the process initiated with Vinzü.


After 25 years spent in communication agency to promote having over being, the time has come to refocus on simplicity, naturalness, encounters and sharing. When we consume, we want to consume fine and respectful products for the living.

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